I maintain a list of interactive fiction resources for the IF facebook page. It’s a bit a big list but even still it’s meant to be more useful than exhaustive. As I just updated the list I thought I’d repost it here. Let me know if there are any obvious omissions!
http://ifdb.tads.org/ : huge database of works, with links to download or play online for most entries. Also has a rating system and lots of recommended lists.
http://textadventures.co.uk/ : Play text adventures in your browser, with discussion forums and free hosting for any html-playable IF game.
https://twitter.com/TheRealDominia/lists/if : There are quite a number of IF developers and players on twitter.
https://www.reddit.com/r/interactivefiction/ : Interactive fiction Reddit group.
https://www.ifmud.port4000.com : The MUD, more a IRC-style chat space than an actual MUD.
intfiction on FreeNode : IRC channel about IF.
http://www.discord.gg/reJbMUB : Interactive Fiction discord channel.
https://www.facebook.com/groups/int.fiction/ : Interactive Fiction Facebook group
http://www.intfiction.org/forum : General interactive fiction forum. Great for Inform coding help. Also the place to find upcoming game jams and competitions.
http://forum.adrift.co/ : Forum for the Adrift text adventure platform.
https://forum.choiceofgames.com/ : Forum for Choice of Games.
http://twinery.org/forum/ : Good place for Twine technical assistance.
http://ifarchive.org/ : Interactive fiction archive. This is where you should send your game so future generations can enjoy it.
http://philome.la/ : Free hosting for Twine games (now Read Only)
http://ifiction.net/lib.php : Hosting for (Russian) AXMA games.
http://playfic.com/ : You can write Inform7 games in your browser and host them here and play other people’s games.
https://dashingdon.com/ : Database and free hosting for games made in choicescript.
https://itch.io/ : General indie game hosting and finding. You can monetise your games through it as well.
http://www.delron.org.uk/adrift-games.htm : Comprehensive list of Adrift games.
http://www.intudia.com – Interactive stories.
https://autorol.es – Spanish Choice games
http://planet-if.com/ : Planet-IF is a blog-roll of interactive fiction blogs. If you have a related blog you can have it added it to the list.
http://ifwiki.org/ : The IFWiki has links to reviews of competition games, theory articles and author information.
http://www.ifreviews.org/ : Extensive review site for interactive fiction.
http://xyzzyawards.org/ : The XYZZY Awards champion the best of each year’s IF. There’s some good in-depth analyses of games here.
http://www.brasslantern.org/ : Has some great classic articles on IF, not recently updated.
https://ifwizz.de/ : German IF-Database with many reviews (including reviews of English-language games).
https://docs.google.com/…/1-B1yKIateTpwTdRNT9W…/edit… – This is a grand list of engines, including several which are now defunct.
Here’s some of the most popular:
http://inform7.com/ – Inform 7, natural language programming primarily for parser-based IF. Great documentation. Can export to a webpage. Built on Inform 6, it’s the most popular parser language.
http://tads.org/ – TADS, more programmer-orientated text adventure language. TADS games can be played online.
http://www.adrift.co/ – ADRIFT is a parser-game engine in which games can be created entirely with a GUI, without programming.
http://www.generalcoffee.com/hugo/gethugo.html – Hugo is a less commonly used engine which has great support for including multimedia. E.g. music, windows for NPC portraits, room depictions.
http://textadventures.co.uk/create – Quest is an engine for creating browser-playable IF, without requiring any programming skills.
https://adventuron.io/ – Adventuron is a parser game creator with support for having a location image screen.
http://twinery.org/ – Twine, passage-based choice fiction engine using simple but powerful markup language. Probably the most popular engine for hypertext-fiction.
http://raconteur.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ – Undum, and the wrapper layer, Raconteur, is a way of making beautiful-looking sophisticated hypertext fiction. Bit more of a learning curve than with Twine.
https://www.choiceofgames.com/make…/choicescript-intro/ – Choicescript, easy to learn scripting language for making Choice of Games-style games. Possible commercial route for IF authors. There is an IDE available: https://choicescriptide.github.io/about/
https://texturewriter.com/ – Texture, the novel thing about Texture works is that there’s text and then you drag keywords onto the text, which reveals what can be interacted with. This allows the player to read before having hyperlinks drag their eye.
http://textadventures.co.uk/create – Squiffy, using the same underlying engine as Quest, is a way of making choice-based works using markup text.
http://www.inklestudios.com/ink/ – Ink, markup language behind Inklestudios commercial games Sorcery, Around the World in 80 Days. Open source, and integrated with Unity, good for using as the choice-component of a graphical game.
https://chooseyourstory.com/ – CYOA-style storygames with forum community.
https://rcveeder.net/clash/ – Clash of the Type Ins
http://adamcadre.ac/audio/ – Radio K
http://monsterfeet.com/grue/ – Eaten by A Grue
https://soundcloud.com/inklestudios – Inklecast
https://letsplaypodcast.com/ – The Let’s Play Podcast
https://narrascope.org/category/podcast.html – Narrascope
https://ifcomp.org/ – The Annual Interactive Fiction Competition. There are prizes! Deadline every September.
https://www.springthing.net/ – The Spring Thing – Annual unranked competition encouraging longer interactive works.
http://introcomp.org/ – IntroComp – Annual competition for game openings. Cash prizes on game completion.
https://iftechfoundation.org/ – The Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation maintains various projects above like the archive, and helps run the IFCOMP.
https://narrascope.org – Annual narrative games conference
http://adventurexpo.org/ – Annual adventure/narrative games convention